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puck. Vertriebs GmbH | Häfner Markt 4 | D-97337 Dettelbach

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Welcome to puck.’s Website

From the roots to the tree

We are an ambitious and flexible wholesale and promotional media company with short lines of communication and fast response times. Innovation and experience are intertwined into a solid solution for our customers’ needs.

Sustainability and quality are the key factors of our work. We provide our customers with solutions that are tailored to their requirements: be it a single item or a whole range of solutions.

Keep things simple!

The apple and its tree

Since its founding in July 2001, puck. has been led by its experienced CEO, Daniel Scheller, who has many years of experience in the import business and as a sales manager for various commercial enterprises. He has successfully carried out numerous projects for wholesale and industrial businesses.

puck. operates in various markets:

Laboratory supplies

We provide lab-suppliers with finished goods and timekeepers, as well as with brand-name products of Oregon Scientific, Inc.

Advertising material

From conceptualization to production of individual tools for customized executions (OEM), our know-how, vision, and experience covers it all.

Watches & Clocks

In our 1200 m² storage space, we manage a customer-oriented selection of watches and clocks for specialty shops, retail stores, and mail order.

Combining variety with efficiency is our strength!

Seeds for future growth

In 2009, we updated our policy by declaring sustainability (ecological, economical and social) a central aspect of our work. In order to produce goods in accordance with these principles, we extended our pool of suppliers to certified producers based on SAI, BSCI and ICTI Standard.

Sustainability and health compatibility are of great importance, particularly with regard to articles for daily use, such as wristwatches or ball pens.

A successful business partnership with puck. is built on 3 principles: our high quality standards, our flexible strategies and our desire for our customer’s success.

Turning our customer’s visions into reality is our goal!